Tuesday, April 6, 2010

crap ... im behind

yes im behind on my blogging .
my computer decided to go for a shit after i did a windows update .
from what i hear vista is bad for that .
currently im on my wifes computer ..... i dont like it ...... its slow .
im falling behind on my youtube videos and my views per day are starting to show it .... uugghhh .
if u r interested in seeing my videos go to www.youtube.com/rex4x4 to see them .
today once again i got out the cam and went for a ride with my buddy adam ( www.youtube.com/skavaen ) we went to sudbury to go to princess auto where i bought a whopping 4 rolls of electrical tape lol .
adam picked himself up a mig welder , auto darkening helmet , and misc tools .
he also brought out his cam aswell ..... check out the channels for some good viewing .... and dont forget to rate comment and subscribe ..... also please visit the sponsers on this page aswell ..... some cool stuff there.

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