Monday, April 12, 2010

first 4 wheeling of 2010

well yesterday was a friggen blast ....... got really dirty and had fun doing it .
near the end of the ride though my arctic cat was acting up ..... slipping belt ? not fully in gear ??? not sure .
to see the fun we had click here

Saturday, April 10, 2010

off work headin to work

well i just got off work ...... my part time night job that is ...... im a bouncer at fannys ( a local strip club ) .
im friggen tired ........ sooooo tired but i have to get changed now and head to my full time job .... screener at the airport .
i did have a pretty good day though ....... i finally got to get into editing my backlog of potential youtube videos .
i felt so good i uploaded 2 .
i cant remember if i mentioned it yesterday but i sold my dirtbike ........ money is going into my bike run to newfoundland fund .
heres a link to my youtube videos ...... ( ) .
ohhh yea ...... one more thing .... my buddy adam the prick has gone down to visit a couple famous youtubers .... davidsfarm and redneckrickum .... dammit ...... sooooo fun .

Thursday, April 8, 2010

computer fixed

finally my computer is fixed .
ive been playing with the damn thing for days now and 3 reinstalls later i called my buddy adam .
he spent an hour with it and got her up and runing ...... what a friggen nightmare .
turns out when windows did an update it buggered up my video card .
anyways now that the computer is up and running i can start making my videos again for youtube .
ive got a tiny stockpile here lol .
well its late ..... been reinstalling stuff all night and i have to get up in a few hours for work .


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

crap ... im behind

yes im behind on my blogging .
my computer decided to go for a shit after i did a windows update .
from what i hear vista is bad for that .
currently im on my wifes computer ..... i dont like it ...... its slow .
im falling behind on my youtube videos and my views per day are starting to show it .... uugghhh .
if u r interested in seeing my videos go to to see them .
today once again i got out the cam and went for a ride with my buddy adam ( ) we went to sudbury to go to princess auto where i bought a whopping 4 rolls of electrical tape lol .
adam picked himself up a mig welder , auto darkening helmet , and misc tools .
he also brought out his cam aswell ..... check out the channels for some good viewing .... and dont forget to rate comment and subscribe ..... also please visit the sponsers on this page aswell ..... some cool stuff there.